Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is a really easy meal to eat a lot of crabs and rack up on calories. Most people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most people do not eat the nutritious foods they should. Here are some breakfast recipes that can start your day off mush healthier.

Sun Butter, Banana, and Chia Seed Toast

This is a great breakfast option that you can make fast in the morning and it will still keep your body fueled for a longer time period.


1 Slice 100% Whole Wheat Bread (I used one that was 50 cal. per slice.)

1 Tbsp. Sun butter

1/2 Medium Banana, Sliced

1/2 Tsp. Chia Seeds

 Berry and Yogurt Smoothie

If you have time in your morning your morning to make a smoothie, it is a great breakfast option filled with many proteins. This smoothie is loaded with fiber, vitamins., and proteins. These are all necessities for your body. Just add a blend of bananas, blueberries and blackberries to the smoothie. Greek yogurt and soy milk are added to give the smoothie tons of protein and a creamy, thick consistency. You can use fresh berries to make the smoothie better. Notice that this smoothie has no sugar.

 Avocado Toast with an Egg

 This toast has a lot of protein and great nutrients to make you last longer throughout your day. It also only takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Make the toast and fried eggs to personal preference. Mash avocado with the lime juice, salt and pepper.

Spread avocado evenly on each slice of toast then top each with a fried eggs and additional seasonings you prefer. You do not have to have a topping.


2 eggs (fried sunny side up)

2 slices of bread (wheat bred)

1 small avocado

1 teaspoon lime juice

sea salt + black pepper

parsley (optional for topping)


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